School policy

We live in a rapidly changing world, which makes it hard for junior and senior high school students to develop their own values. Precisely for this reason, we are expected to offer high quality education to every student so that they can be prepared to make any type of transition in the future. It is crucial for our teachers to help students develop their abilities so they will become inquisitive learners prepared for a rapidly changing world.

We are living in a knowledge-based society, in which knowledge is the most important economic resource. In such a society, we require a broad education, and it is important to acquire life long learning skills in school.

In view of the present situation, we are offering an education which enables students to carve out a career for themselves taking advantage of being in a university affiliated school. Our staff works closely with Hosei university professors in an ongoing curriculum review to ensure our students receive an education that allows them to confidently plan their futures.

Our school motto is inquisitiveness because our students must be able to continuously adapt in our ever changing world. We hope the students acquire inquisitiveness by competing with and encouraging each other. We will also foster decency and integrity in our students to enable them to work with others successfully in the future. Finally we will teach them conflict resolution skills so that they are prepared to enter and succeed in Japanese society and in our global village.